Manage Your Growth with Cannabis ERP Software


Comprehensive Microsoft Software that Keeps You Ahead of Changing Regulations

Complete Supply Chain Visibility

Meet Regulatory Demands

Access Real-Time Data from Any Device

Monitor all Aspects of Growth – From Your Top Shelf to Your Bottom Line

The cannabis industry has experienced rapid growth, and many distributors, retailers, and licensed producers deal with the limitations of basic seed-to-sale software. Our vertically integrated Microsoft-powered ERP solution is designed specifically for the cannabis industry and the unique challenges faced by the businesses within it.

The experts at SL Dynamic Global Solutions understand the needs of businesses in quickly changing and growing industries that require tailor-made solutions.

Our cannabis ERP solution allows you to scale as you grow and pivot to changing market conditions–a must for this industry in today’s modern, digital world.


Cannabis ERP software includes components for:

  • Financials – Store all of your financial data in one place and ensure legal compliance
  • Cultivation – Forecast projections, plan production, and assign and monitor tasks per employee and work in process (WIP)
  • Processing – Manage production and track costs based on actual and forecasted demand
  • CRM – Gain full visibility of your sales, patients, and customer data
  • Distribution – Plan, track, and manage inventory
  • Retail – Identify defective products and perform recalls when necessary

Complete Accounting Software in a Single Solution

Robust cannabis accounting software enables you to manage budgets, consolidate financial statements, and administer taxes to ensure you are always operating within compliance.

Manage all Aspects of Your Operation

From plants to processes to people, our cannabis software provides the tools you need for forecasting, production planning, and scaling your business. Assign employee tasks, track their performance, and manage your work in process (WIP).

Know What You Need, How Much You Need, and When You Need It

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) solution will generate an accurate schedule of orders based on actual and forecasted demand. And, with full visibility into your supply chain, you can calculate your real cost per gram, making it easier to control costs.

Identify New Revenue Opportunities and Build Better Relationships

Streamline your operations with automated customer relationship management (CRM) software. Identify revenue opportunities and improve all your customer and vendor relationships.

  • Vendor Management – organize sales and purchase orders, and identify which suppliers are giving you the best terms, pricing, and delivery
  • Sales & Marketing – record, track and manage customer data to flag new opportunities, create deals, and build targeted campaigns
  • Customer Service – quickly access customer information and documented preferences to help you deliver positive customer experiences

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Manage the Fine Line Between Overstock and Understock

Forecasting demand and maintaining the right levels of inventory can be challenging for the cannabis industry, where overstocking is wasteful and expensive, and understocking may result in negative customer experience. Our ERP solution, designed specifically for the cannabis industry, will help you better forecast demand and make timely purchases and production decisions to support those forecasts.

Perform Recalls When Needed

Quickly identify defective products and perform recalls at a moment’s notice. Easily trace them back to the source for your customer’s safety and wellbeing.