Private Equity

A Single, End-to-End Global Solution for Private Equity Firms


Consolidate Financials, Manage Intercompany Transactions, and Power Your Team to Work Together

Quickly Identify New Opportunities

Better Compete

Accelerate Profitability and Portfolio Growth

Protect Your Investments

Increasing revenue and generating healthy profits for your shareholders and investors is your mission. To succeed, you need more in-depth insight into your portfolio companies and greater control over your finances and operations. Adopting modern technology will help you achieve your goals and protect your investments.
Microsoft Dynamics for Private Equity is tailored for the unique needs of private equity and venture capital firms. This powerful and cost-effective system offers a single, end-to-end global solution to help private equity firms manage their entire operation and critical business processes. And, like other Microsoft products that are popular in businesses worldwide, people across your organization can use the skills they already have.

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Gain deeper business insights into your portfolio companies, faster

Private Equity firms are constantly challenged to provide value creation in an increasingly competitive environment. Without the right technology, you may find it problematic to always stay on top of potential new opportunities, not to mention the latest compliance and regulatory demands – both critical for your portfolio companies.

Our solution helps private equity firms better manage various functions throughout your entire operation

  • Break down geographic barriers – work in multiple currencies and foreign exchange valuations. Meet foreign government reporting requirements.
  • Manage deal flow lifecycle – Monitor critical information and close more deals faster. Easily collaborate, share knowledge across your organization, and provide transparency to stakeholders.
  • Reduce costs with automated reporting and dashboards – Store your data in one location that can be accessed by everyone and reflects changes instantly. Automate cyclical, subscription, annual contract and usage billing schedules.
  • Take more financial control of your investments – Consolidate information to manage multiple investments within your operating entities. Calculate customer profitability and return on funds by investor.
  • Gain valuable insights – Stay on top of current activity, spot issues before they become problems, discover new investment opportunities and predict future trends.
  • Efficiently manage cash flow – Manage cash flow and financial efficiencies of your subsidiaries and growth-oriented assets.
  • Acquisitions – Set up a new company in minutes by copying selected information.
  • Audit-Friendly – Drill down to the details behind the numbers so you always know where they came from.
  • Affordable -You can deploy on-premise or hosted in the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs. Your employees can access your business software from any device, from anywhere, and at any time.

An Integrated CRM Solution to Keep Track of Your Activities and Contacts

For an optimal solution, we recommend implementing Microsoft Dynamics for Private Equity with a tailored CRM. A streamlined process to manage investor relations, deal flow, fundraising, and reporting will enable you to make better-informed decisions.

Highlights of the CRM functionality include:

  • Capture all your contact information for staff, administrators, investors and your fundraising pipeline
  • Store inbound and outbound emails, account information, investment details, announcements, performance reports and other communications, directly within the investor’s profile
  • Enjoy seamless integration with other Microsoft applications

Learn more about Microsoft CRM

Accelerate Profitability While Minimizing Risk

SL Dynamic Global Solutions has the experience and tools to recommend and implement the perfect solution to fit your Private Equity firm. Our team can design a solution that meets your exact requirements and quickly deploy it so that you can immediately start improving the profitability of your portfolio companies, minimizing any potential risk.

Are you ready to accelerate profitability and portfolio growth? Contact the experts at SL Dynamic Global Solutions